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Shakespeare are specialists at supplying speciality treated cast products for clients to provide enhanced operational characteristics. Calorising is one common supply option.

Calorising is a diffusion process using a blend of ferro aluminium, alumina, ammonium chloride and a number of other alloys.

The process creates an intermetallic aluminium rich layer which significantly increases the surface hardness of the component (600-650 BHN), this results in greatly improved wear resistance. At elevated temperatures an Alumina surface forms, providing excellent high temperature abrasion resistance. The intermetallic layer seals the base metal improving resistance to oxidation, sulfidation, carburisation and hydrogen permeation.

Diffusion processing involves the creation of an intermetallic layer in the surface of the metal components, providing protection against acid corrosion, high temperature corrosion and wear. The process is often referred to as pack cementation and is accomplished by introducing metal(s) into a substrate alloy through high temperature chemical reactions.

The diffusion process of calorising extends the life of industrial components exposed to aggressive operating environments. Longer service life means increased efficiency, reduced down time and maintenance costs, reduced production costs, and greater control of the production process.