Cast machine bases lraShakespeare has the ability to supply  a wide range of materials to suit applications across all industry sectors. We are specialists in supplying the full range of iron castings including ductile (SG iron) and high silicon iron. In addition we also supply carbon steel, ni-resist and ni-hard castings, as well as Tool steel castings.

Cast Iron has a lot of attractive mechanical properties and hence is widely employed and specified by engineers for many industrial applications, as discussed below and also shown in our Industry Case Reference section. Pure iron has limited commercial value hence most commercial irons (and steels) are alloys.

An alloy is a metallic substance consisting of two or more elements intentionally mixed together; the main alloying element being Carbon (C). Other main micro-constituents include Graphite, Ferrite (pure iron), Cementite (iron carbide) and Pearlite (a mixture of ferrite and cementite). Materials with up to 2%C are classified as steels whilst those with more than 2%C are classified as cast irons, and nearly all cast irons contain free graphite.